SRA Measurement


Official distributers of the Machine DRO, M-DRO, Moore & Wright and Wixey.  We are suppliers of Digital Readout equipment for machine tools and woodworking machinery.  Suppliers of Digital Readouts for machine tools, with 2 Years Warranty!! Glass scales linear encoders. Also stockists of wide range of standard and special purpose measurement tools, including digital calipers, height gauges, depth gauges & angle protractors. 






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 Monday 09:00-5:00 PM
 Tuesday 09:00-5:00 PM
 Wednesday 09:00-5:00 PM
 Thursday 09:00-5:00 PM
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24 Walpole Park S.,

STE 10

Walpole, MA 02081, United States

Tel : 508-668-6044

Fax : 508-668-1622

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